Build your Roadmap to Success.



Build your Roadmap to Success.



We transform businesses like yours, providing you access to all our services from proposal writing and management to vendor registration and certificate renewal.
Join our D.R.I.V.E Program and let us build your roadmap to success!
We transform businesses like yours, providing you access to all our services from proposal writing and management to vendor registration and certificate renewal.
Join our D.R.I.V.E Program and let us build your roadmap to success!

Where You've Seen Once Upon An RFP
What Our Winning Clients Are Saying About Our Services:
"Before working with Once Upon An RFP, I was working over 60+ hours a week while trying to meet deadlines..."
Jane Bernedette, Small Business Owner

You can trust us.
“A small business that invests 1% of contract value on proposal delivery has a win-rate of 10%, while a 6% investment results in a win-rate of 60%.”- Tony Corrigan, CEO Orbidal
Meet the Mastermind:
My own journey as a B2B small business and 20+ years inside B2G corporations inspired the D.R.I.V.E. Program. I've seen first-hand how direction and purpose transform small businesses.
Caryn Kent Dean
The 5 Key Benefits of a
Dedicated D.R.I.V.E Support Team,
who understands your business
and can help you solve them:

Your D.R.I.V.E program is flexible. Allows you to focus wherever your business needs it most, when it needs it!!
Is the D.R.I.V.E Program For Me?
You see your proposal organization as a key area of investment for success.
You recognize that proposals aren’t your WHY but are CRITICAL to your mission.
You are ready to apply a different approach and already see the possibilities.
Discover D.R.I.V.E
20+ dedicated hours per month in the program.
Complimentary RFx sourcing - We find personalized opportunities for you.
Complimentary monthly business development strategy and implementation.
Proficient project management that meets RFP deadlines and compiance.
Access to our senior BD, marketing, and proposal leaders.
Adaptable to bid opportunities of all industries, lengths, scopes, and formats.
Flexible use of hours where your business needs them most.
It's Time To Become The Best Leader You Can Be
Get private access to a proven team with 100+ years of RFP excellence and business development experience.

Save yourself the hassle and hot mess of building and managing talent in-house.

This program can increase your revenue by knowing you have a team you can count on. Perform without a massive investment or training we are here for the long haul

As we all know. Hope is not a strategy.

6 Month Retainer Minimum
 To ensure individualized attention, the D.R.I.V.E program
is limited to nine spaces.

1. What would success look like in the first two months? 
Success looks different for each client because we craft a plan of action based on what they offer, existing business development processes, systems and collateral, and your business goals.

Generally speaking, your business development engine will become more defined, and your pipeline will grow. We can’t make guarantees about how much or how quickly. However, you will see a difference.

We find that our clients have more of the information needed to respond to client inquiries, so they can more quickly move from the discovery to the closing phase. In addition, we find that RFx responses become more accessible and faster.

2. What do the first two months look like regarding the process and what to expect? 
On contract, we’ll schedule an onboarding meeting to:
  • Introduce the teams
  • Learn about your business
  • Learn about your business goals
  • Learn about what Business Development processes, systems, and collateral are currently in place
  • Recommend a plan for the first 1-2 months
We’ll provide you with a list of business information and documents that will help us help you.

3. What if we don’t have everything we need?
It’s OK if you don’t have everything - developing the items missing can be part of our work.
We’ll begin our weekly RFx Opportunity Sourcing searches during the first week after onboarding. We frequently find a lot of RFx in the first week. We see fewer each following week, as we only look for new RFx released since the last search date.
4. Can we use one of your proposal managers if any RFPs pop up and we don’t have the internal capacity to take it on?
Yes, we will ask you to send over the documentation and ask for you to describe what kind of internal you have to support the development. We’ll provide an estimate based on the hours we believe it will take us. We leverage the past five years of data we’ve collected through experience.

5. We need help determining the size of a project. How do we decide we won’t proceed with this project?
This happens sometimes, and before we kick off the project, we will look at the SOW and your company’s capabilities. If it does not fit what you’re looking for or the project seems too large, we will determine together that it is a no-bid. We’ve also had clients get started after kickoff towards the middle of the process and decide it is a no-bid. Then we would only bill you for the hours we worked. We close it out and then send an invoice for the work done that day.

6. How big are the teams and clients you work with today?
We work with everybody from Solopreneurs to Fortune 500 companies. Our solutions cater to what the client’s needs are. 

7. Would we work with one person or a team, and would this change through the process?
You would be working with our team of full-time employees. It depends on our team member’s capacity at the time. 

8. What if we exceed the monthly allotted 20 hours?
We provide a discounted rate after the first 20 hours. Our current rate is $225, and the discount rate if you’re a D.R.I.V.E. member is $175. This is charged separately after the first 20 hours have been exceeded.
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