5 Strategies to Fix Your Proposal Talent Crisis

"The Great Resignation" has been a thing for a while now. We think it's time to call it what it is: a talent crisis. It impacts every industry, including proposals, and there's more than one cause.

“The future does not fit into the containers of the past.”
~ Rishad Tobaccowala ~

We’re all about solutions and offer 5 Strategies to Fix Your Proposal Talent Crisis below.

If you don’t work in proposals, you probably know someone who does. While these strategies were written with the proposal industry in mind, we think they’re applicable to just about every industry. Either way, we encourage you to share these strategies.

Implement these 5 strategies today to move out of crisis and into resolution mode.

1. Flip the script: Proposal Teams are a critical INVESTMENT (not overhead)

Proposal teams are a vital component of the business development lifecycle. Sales and marketing work together with proposal teams to market your company, scope out new clients, develop relationships, and demonstrate value to future customers. Proposal teams are not overheard – proposal teams are a critical investment.

2. Retain: Invest in people, process and tools to keep your valuable team members

Proposal content libraries, automation software, and professional development will all help expedite proposal processes and take the heat off of proposal team members. Knowing exactly where to find reusable content, being able to quickly shred a document, or having ready-to-go templates will keep the timeline on track and make your proposal team very happy.

3. Flex: Support your bench with surge resources from staff augmentation providers
At this moment there are countless experienced proposal professionals with their own consulting agencies. When deadlines are tight or there’s just too much work to go around, augment your team with consultants and contractors.

4. Career Boost: Cross-train and train-up your existing talent pool

Sometimes the answer to your staffing issue is right under your nose. Is there anyone on another team who really stepped up to help with a proposal during crunch time? Has a team member expressed interest in becoming a proposal pro? Explore options within your operations, sales and marketing teams and invest in their training.

5. Reset: Create a true entry-level role that doesn’t require 1+ years of RFP experience

When every “entry-level” job requires direct experience in the field, there are no real opportunities for new faces. Find talent by looking beyond experienced pros and prioritizing training and mentoring. Developing entry-level employees creates a sustainable and systematic workforce for your proposal teams.

We hope you find these tips helpful.

Proposal teams take all the sales and marketing teams’ hard work and compile it into a comprehensive and show-stopping proposals that win clients and contracts. Understanding that your proposal team works long, hard hours and need support and gratitude is a surefire way to begin the healing for your proposal talent crisis.

If you don’t know where to get started, we do. We have solutions that will help you move from crisis to solution mode. Reach out to us today.
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