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This is a common question we receive, so we thought we should address it and end the confusion once and for all!

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Amid burnout, overwhelm, and frustration, it can feel impossible to find balance. In this instance, it is vital to take a step back and assess where you might be experiencing an imbalance.

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Whether you are interviewing via Zoom or conducting virtual client meetings, your background, lighting, and camera angles can affect how others in your meeting perceive you. In the before times, how we dressed or styled our hair changed others’ perceptions. In present times, our virtual setup can have a similar effect.

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It’s all too easy to create an unproductive work environment while working from the comfort of your own home. A little self-care and a workspace free from distractions will boost productivity and enhance your remote work experience.

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Working from home can be isolating. Long days without human interaction can make you feel lonely, frustrated, and uninspired. We’ve compiled ways to boost interaction and productivity to combat isolation.

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With remote work comes much more freedom than in-office work. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a consultant, or a full-time employee, staying on track with tasks and deadlines can be difficult.

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“The Great Resignation” has been a thing for a while now. We think it’s time to call it what it is: a talent crisis. It impacts every industry, including proposals, and there’s more than one cause.

Pink Gift Box Gifts for Proposal Writer

Whether for holidays, birthdays, or as a thank you, here is a list of gifts to surprise and delight the proposal writer in your life!

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If you are a small business owner looking to grow your client portfolio, a Signature Proposal might be the best next step in your business process. But what is it? ​

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We at Once Upon an RFP often like to joke that RFPs covertly run the world. They really are the best kept secret. Billions of taxpayer dollars filter through procurement processes and result in the exchange of goods and services. ​

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