Lesson 6: Bid or No Bid
Part 1: Either Way, Confidence is Key.

At any given time, there are thousands of both public and private sector RFPs available for your business to pursue. But how do you choose the best opportunity out of so many good opportunities?

Establishing a process for deciding whether or not to bid allows you to make such a determination based on the time and resources available to craft a winning proposal. Confidence is key when you are responding to an RFP. Your bid/no bid decision process empowers you to be…

  • Confident that you have the time and the right resources.
  • Confident that you have the right solution and pricing.
  • Confident that your prospect will choose you over the competition.

The client and scope of the RFP should…

  • Align with your business and goals.
  • Align with your mission.
  • Align with your core capabilities.

Leveraging similar checklists will enable a repeatable and decisive process as well as generate specific, concrete evidence as to why your team should or should not bid on an opportunity.

Interested in learning more about achieving bid decision confidence and alignment? Stay tuned for part two for a break-down of first steps.

Photo by David Iskander on Unsplash

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