Lesson 4: Connecting to Serve

Most Corporate Sector work comes from marketing, networking, and building relationships. Generally, companies will invite a select group of companies, typically those with which they’ve already worked.

Yes, you can find public sector RFPs online and submit a proposal. However, your chances of winning increase significantly when you have already established a relationship.

Where do you start with building these critical relationships, whether with corporate or public sector clients? Read on for a few best practices.

Fish where the fish are biting

Networking is a critical component of marketing.

Why? Well, people love to make connections. Wouldn’t you prefer to hire someone who you know and trust? Someone with whom you have shared an experience?

Consider your skills and what your company specializes in and go network! Attend conferences and seminars for relevant fields and focus on making meaningful connections with like-minded professionals and prospective clients.

If a company representative is at a conference, it is because they are looking for something to gain. They may not be looking for immediate business opportunities. They might also be there to connect and build their professional network. Chat, exchange business cards, and be sure to follow up!

Reach out to your new connections after each event. Call them, send an email, and connect on LinkedIn. Focus on gratitude and service.

As long as the conversation is alive, the door is still open for your connection to become a client or make a fantastic referral. Position yourself for long-term relationships, both with potential clients and those connected with your ideal client. Continue to stay engaged.

Cold Calling

Yes, cold calling is still an effective way to build relationships with potential clients. The thing is to do it the right way. My friend Jennifer Hasan has been teaching others how to do this. While this is a challenging time for us all, in her recent LinkedIn post, she encourages us to continue this practice:

“Now is a great opportunity to call your prospects with offers to help. Relationships made during uncertain times are almost unbreakable. Be willing to serve. Be willing to help. Be willing to share. Go beyond what their current provider is doing for them, and it will pay dividends.”

Companies are people too

Behind the façade of each organization, there are regular people. While buzzwords and key phrases might work for a computer algorithm, person-to-person relationships still depend on genuine and meaningful connections.

Meaningful relationships with clients stem from getting to know them, addressing their unique pain points, and being of service. Adding your value as a resource will help your connections to think of you when in need, benefiting you both.

Attend networking events. Use social media to connect. Don’t undervalue the possibilities of cold calling. Most importantly, remember that connections are most likely to become clients when you focus on service over sales.

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