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As RFx professionals with clients in a wide variety of industries, we keep an eye out for new opportunities to drop. With a focus on education, these opportunities caught our attention.

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Roanoke, VA

The city of Roanoke, Virginia is seeking an expert vendor to provide school redistricting services.

This opportunity calls for the vendor to perform all consulting services offsite.



Washington, D.C.

A government authority in Washington, D.C. is seeking vendors to source and manager contractors capable of providing books and other media acquisition services to Federal libraries, information centers, and other offices.

The vendor must also provide services such as delivery and processing, as well as support library acquisitions and operations.



Falls Church, VA

The city of Falls Church, Virginia is seeking a vendor capable of providing K-12 literacy and mathematics curriculum.

The curriculum must be adaptable for students with disabilities, have the capacity to train teachers, and include placement and progress assessments.



Malden, MA

A government entity in Malden, Massachusetts is seeking a vendor to provide special education audiobook lending services to K-12 schools.

The vendor must be capable of assisting educators with accessing materials as well as providing a system for producing and lending audio versions of textbooks.



Does your company provide education services and materials such as:

  • Redistricting consulting.
  • Book and media acquisition.
  • Literacy and mathematics solutions.
  • Special education audiobook lending.

If so, check out the links above to learn more.

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