RFx of the Day:
St. Louis County Library District

As RFx professionals with clients in a wide variety of industries, we keep an eye out for new opportunities to drop. With a focus on shelving and furniture, this one caught our attention.

Here’s another RFB from the St. Louis County Library District (SLCLD), this time for shelving and furniture.

The SLCLD is in the process of upgrading many of their assets, including storage for DVDs and paperbacks including integral-back shelving. Prospective contractors must also provide drawings and specifications for intended work.

Is your company able to execute the following tasks:

  1. All applicable permits
  2. All necessary labor for layouts
  3. Exercise caution when working around existing finishes
  4. All onsite work performed up to OSHA safety standards

If so, you can find out more at https://showcase.dropbox.com/s/St.-Louis-County-Library-District-Request-for-Bid-Shelving-andor-Furniture-Phase-4-Eureka-Hills-AN0IPsiIgZp0TM0MgMoC8

Don’t delay. The deadline for proposals is 11/20/2020. Proposals must be emailed to Kelli Reeves (kreeves@slcl.org) and Scott Kolath (skolath@lcminc.com) with the subject line “Eureka Hills Shelving and/or Furniture RFB” by 2:00pm CT.

Photo by Iñaki del Olmo on Unsplash

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