How to

pencil pencil sharpener and shavings lying on a blank notebook Writing a Proposal

A blank document can be such a scary thing. But the first step to writing your proposal isn’t actually writing—it’s preparing to write.

Books pages with text scattered around Respond to an RFP

How do I get a proposal across the finish line? The answers to “what” and “who” cover most of the project overview and process. The “how” involves proposal delivery.

colorful books lined up on a shelf in rainbow order Respond to an RFP

The winning recipe for a solid RFP response is equal parts compliance and responsiveness. Your “what” includes client needs (both explicit and implicit), your solution and resources.

Group of people at table laughing while working on computers Respond to an RFP

You’ve read the RFP and taken notes on the most pertinent aspects; now it’s time to craft the response.

Women holding opened book to her face standing next to brick wall Read an RFP

RFPs can be long, uninteresting, and less than user-friendly documents. It is so easy just to skim the RFP, only looking at the deadline and RFP title and falling into a state of complete overwhelm.

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