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Requests for Proposals (RFPs) are crucial in business, serving as structured guides that outline a company’s project needs to potential bidders. This blog breaks down the key components of RFPs, from stating clear objectives and submission guidelines to detailing budget considerations and technical requirements. We’ll also touch on how proposals are evaluated and the importance of setting clear terms and conditions. Let’s dive into the structure and significance of RFPs in the business world​

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Many of our clients are small businesses seeking to build relationships with new clients but do not have in-house proposal development support.

Two women sitting on window ledge of building. Differentiators and Discriminators

Differentiators and discriminators are vital components of a compelling proposal document. However, it’s easy to get them mixed up. Though they sound alike and serve similar functions, their impact is vastly different.

Man sitting at laptop with headphones on. Executive Summary.

Proposals based on bid documents will often have an outlined set of requirements for the executive summary. However, some bid opportunities will not have explicit instructions. In these cases, you must craft a compelling executive summary from scratch.

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Your executive summary can make or break your proposal effort. Therefore, it is vital to craft a knockout, client-focused executive summary.

Brown brick wall. Small business toolkit

Small Business Toolkit (SMB Toolkit) is the one-stop-shop for businesses that work with Government and Big Corporate.

Designed for solopreneurs, SMB Toolkit will take you from chaos to done. We offer services ranging from anchoring established businesses to a complete overhaul for your brand and company.

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Maximizing readability consists of helping your readers find and comprehend information efficiently. Whether writing blogs or responding to bids, it is crucial to keep your readers in mind and adjust accordingly.

Pile of puzzle pieces What is Procurement

RFPs and bidding processes are lucrative options for small business owners seeking stability. But first, what is procurement, and how can these processes help small businesses?

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Want to take your laundry list of to-dos from chaos to done? We offer comprehensive support for RFPs, proposal professional training, and business certifications.

Close up Moth resting on the ground. Social Moth

If you’re not quite a social butterfly, you might be a social moth instead.

The business world expects entrepreneurs and working professionals to exude confidence and charisma. Being anxious, shy, and introverted is too often looked down upon. However, we can actually leverage anxiety, shyness, and introversion to create meaningful, affirming connections.

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