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As a certified disability-owned business, Once Upon an RFP is committed to fostering a culture of acceptance and accessibility in a diverse world. We’re compiling an ever-growing list of resources to help you reach your accessibility and readability goals.

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Are you curious about the color team reviews and how to use them for successful proposal development? This blog pushes past confusing color names and breaks down the reviews in simple terms.

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RFPs are a formal way for entities to solicit bids and proposals from potential suppliers, contractors, or service providers to fulfill specific needs or projects. As such, the world of procurement can be pretty complex. Below, we’ve answered five of the most Googled questions about RFPs.

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In the vast forest of business opportunities, navigating the world of Requests for Proposals (RFPs) can be a daunting task. Like Goldilocks’s quest for the perfect fit in the fairy tale, businesses must select RFPs that align perfectly with their capabilities and goals judiciously.

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