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RFPs and bidding processes are lucrative options for small business owners seeking stability. But first, what is procurement, and how can these processes help small businesses?

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This is a common question we receive, so we thought we should address it and end the confusion once and for all!

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If you are a small business owner looking to grow your client portfolio, a Signature Proposal might be the best next step in your business process. But what is it? ​

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Are you a small business owner struggling to grow your business? Or perhaps you work for a larger company drowning in RFPs and other solicitations. For either of these cases, proposal consultants can be your saving grace in helping you achieve 100% compliance and create a responsive, winning proposal.

Toy Car on bookshelf What is an RFP

RFP is the acronym for Request for Proposal. You might also see the acronyms RFI, RFQ, or RFB. The “I” stands for Information and is frequently a predecessor to an RFP. The “Q” stands for quote and the “B” stands for bid. Some organizations use the acronym ITB, or Invitation to Bid.