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Why Should I Nurture My Proposal Content Library?

Having a content library is essential to having responses at your fingertips.

Professional content library support will benefit your proposal team, sales team, and clients by providing consistent, clear, and well-managed responses.

The content library will continue to grow and change throughout its lifecycle, with updates as necessary and new content added with each project. A solid content library is also beneficial when the sales team requires client information.

Often, clients use old proposals and try to copy them for their responses. 

This is a bad practice for several reasons: 

  1. You might inadvertently leave the old client’s name in the response. 
  2. Your new solution may be different from an earlier solution. 
  3. Searching through old documents to find the question or response you are looking for is challenging and time-consuming.

Some companies opt to cobble together bits and pieces of old proposals into a single word document and try to search through it to find responses. This, too, is very time-consuming and also can lead to incorrect responses.

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