Do you love your Proposal Content Library?

Does your organization have a Proposal Content Library?

If so, does it have the information that you need when you need it?

Is it formatted consistently to play nicely with and flow into your templates?

Do you have a team that nurtures it?

Does it reflect how amazing your organization is?

Does it help you win business?

Do you love your Proposal Content Library?

Do you love your content library?

It may sound silly but, in honor of Valentine’s Day, take a few minutes to reflect and ask this question.

If your answer to the above questions is a resounding yes, your Proposal Content Library absolutely rocks. Congratulations! Well done!

If your answer to any of the above questions is no, you are in no way alone.

Regrettably, some organizations don’t have dedicated proposal support and are also without a library to love.

Other organizations have part-time support. Their resources have full plates. They don’t have the bandwidth to devote time to building a proposal content library. And they may not know where to start.

From small, privately-owned companies to global, Fortune 500 companies, many organizations do have dedicated proposal teams. They have proposal libraries and even plans in place for keeping them up to date.

Nevertheless, those plans are frequently left to languish. The demand for proposal support is too great and the team stretched too thin to keep up, let alone attend to the Proposal Content Library.

Furthermore, some proposal libraries evolved without consistent styles and formatting, requiring the team to spend a significant amount of time in formatting the content for every proposal.

If any of these sounds like your situation, please be gentle on yourself and your team. There is help.

Many of our clients start in these situations and reach out to us to support new. While it requires an investment, it will pay you dividends for a very long time. When you create, update or completely rewrite and reorganize your Proposal Content Library, it becomes exponentially easier for you to write proposals and connect with your clients.

How would it feel to…

…have an effective Proposal Content Library?
…find the exact content, in the exact format you need, when you need it?
…to give your Proposal Team a hand with bringing the Proposal Content Library up to date, and have your content on track again?

If this resonates and you’d like support, please reach out. We offer a free 30-minute consultation. We’ll listen to you and help you strategize how to get the Proposal Content Library that you’ve always wanted into place and working for you.

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