From Chaos to Done:
Transform Your Business

Want to take your laundry list of to-dos from chaos to done? We offer comprehensive support for RFPs, proposal professional training, and business certifications.

Lay the Foundation with Small Business Toolkit

With Small Business Toolkit (SMB Toolkit), we take the chaos of launching your business off your plate. In return, you gain back your valuable time.

SMB Toolkit offers customizable business development services for entrepreneurs and solopreneurs. Our services include vital business content, including:

  • Tailored Signature Services Proposals.
  • Custom Logos.
  • Detailed Capabilities Statements.
  • Comprehensive Business Plans.
  • Innovative Marketing Strategies.
  • Personalized Branding.
  • … and more!

Train Your Talent with RFP Bootcamp

Looking for a solution to train in-house proposal talent? Look no further than RFP Bootcamp. 

RFP Bootcamp takes entry-level candidates and teaches them the ins and outs of proposal processes. From the absolute basics to full-on project management, we want to help you stand up talented proposal professionals. 

RFP Bootcamp members will learn and practice skills such as… 

… Reading an RFP. 
… Creating and structuring templates. 
… Developing proposal project plans. 
… Managing pursuit teams. 
… Implementing tools and tricks of the trade. 
… and more! 

In fact, we even offer OUanRFP internship opportunities for solopreneurs or job seekers! 

Go For the Win with Proposal Services

Ready to get your RFPs from chaos to done? We empower our clients with the proper proposal and bid people, plan, and process. Our goal? To create a proposal environment that eliminates chaos and fuels growth. 

Need help responding to RFPs? Our expert proposal managers, writers, coordinators, and editors will find the right combination of people, plans, and processes to get your response across the finish line. As a result, we’re proud to submit our clients’ proposals 100% on time and 100% compliant. 

Similarly, we develop effective content libraries to streamline the writing process. Whether you need help creating a library from scratch or need to update an existing library, we’ve got it. 

Finally, we offer audit services for internal proposal teams struggling to meet deadlines and compliance. Many of our clients experience chaos around RFPs. As such, we take an investigative approach to identify the cause. Once we complete the audit, we deliver an action plan and implement the necessary steps to support your team. 

Want to learn more about our offerings? Keep an eye out for parts two, three, and four on our blog where we detail each service. 

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash 

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