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Transform Your Proposal Story:

My husband and I have a great proposal story, but that’s not the kind of proposal stories I’m referring to.

Every business proposal and RFP response has a variety of perspectives. Proposals have multiple stories, each colored by the lens of perspective.

So who are the characters in proposal stories? What are their perspectives? It’s easy to say that there are just two. But let’s dig a bit deeper.

Yes, two perspectives of a proposal are seller and buyer. And each frequently consists of more than two people.

Is the client a one-person shop? Or will many representatives of your client influence the decision that results from your proposal?

Likewise, is your business a one-person shop? Or do multiple colleagues influence your proposal stories?

Chances are, there are multiple players both influencing your proposal and your client’s decision.

Who are the players in your client’s organization? With whom does your organization have the best relationship? Who will be impacted by choosing your solution? Who is ultimately responsible for purchasing decisions?

Is anyone else in your client’s organization aware of your company or resources? How will each of these resources read, interpret, and feel about your proposal, including its design, message, and pricing?

Within your organization, who influences your proposal? Who owns the relationship with the client? What do colleagues think of the client? Who is developing the solution? Who impacts your proposal’s design, messaging, and pricing?

Stay tuned for the next installment, where we’ll dive deeper into client perspectives.

Are your proposals beautiful and well messaged? Or are typos, style inconsistencies, formatting, or your messaging preventing you from winning business?

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