RFPs in focus: defining winning.

How are you defining winning? Winning is ubiquitous in business talk. And we hear it in so many different contexts.

When you’re in the trenches working on a pursuit, it feels great to play a role in a winning proposal that serves our client well. We give our all to serve from a place of integrity. But frequently we accept a lot of inconveniences around proposal development. And they can impact other areas of our business, as well as our health, families and happiness.

Crafting proposal stories is absolutely about creating compelling sales documents that woo our prospects and convert them to clients.

It is also about making the RFP response process better for your organization. It is about having the right resources and systems in place so that your RFP process is frenzy-free.

What if, instead of just winning new business, we expanded the definition? What if winning also meant beginning/ending your workday at an hour you define as reasonable and…

… committing time for the self-care that allows you to be your best.
… getting to enjoy a healthy dinner at home in the company of your loved ones.
… being fully present for your child’s game or performance.
… using the amazing concert tickets.

How Can I Redefine Winning For My Business?

When WE define winning, we also get to choose how we manage our proposals. What changes can you implement to keep proposal development out of crisis mode?

Can you streamline any of your processes or eliminate some altogether?

Should you dedicate more resources to focus on updating your content library?

Could your team benefit from the support that only proposal specialists can provide?

If you have dedicated proposal specialists, could your team benefit from a fresh perspective?

The Miriam-Webster Dictionary gives the following as one of the definitions of “winning”: tending to please or delight. Can getting support with your proposals allow more pleasure and delight into your day?

Once Upon an RFP specializes in the proposal and RFP response phase of business development. We can support your proposals and team on a project or ongoing, retainer basis. We also offer content and process improvement consulting.

We’re here to talk with you about proposal struggles and how to “win” in this area of your business. Reach out and request your time to chat today. We are here to help.

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