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National Institutes of Health

As RFx professionals with clients in a wide variety of industries, we keep an eye out for new opportunities to drop. With a focus on veterinary resource software, this one caught our attention.

The National Institutes of Health is seeking software products to replace existing software for laboratory animal resource management and other research services. The Division of Veterinary Resources (DVR) is an animal research support program which aims to research all aspects of animal care including essential and specialized veterinary services.

The DVR supports services including but not limited to:

  • Clinical care and diagnostics.
  • Environmental enrichment.
  • Facility management.
  • Genetic monitoring and health surveillance.
  • Animal holding/quarantine.
  • Intensive care.
  • Nutrition
  • Veterinary pharmacy.
  • Animal procurement and transportation.
  • Surgery and radiology.

Through this solicitation, the DVR hopes to achieve the following:

  1. Acquire commercial off-the-shelf solutions for DVR applications that will process requests and workflows.
  2. Enhance collaboration with components that require animal resources for research purposes.
  3. Enable efficient request and approval processes.

If so, you can find out more at https://beta.sam.gov/opp/97c230bb5f01471f9ebde052127754ee/view?index=opp

Don’t delay. Proposals are due 01/12/2021 by 2:00pm EST.

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