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U.S. Agency for International Development

As RFx professionals with clients in a wide variety of industries, we keep an eye out for new opportunities to drop. With a focus on curative services delivery for people with HIV and TB, this one caught our attention.

From the RFP: “The USAID/Tanzania Curative Unit Lead will carry out the function of HIV and TB Treatment Advisor. Under this role, the HIV and TB Treatment Advisor will be a leading technical expert in curative services delivery for people living with HIV and Tuberculosis.”

The HIV and TB Treatment Advisor will be tasked with introducing “innovative and cost-effective approaches that have been successfully applied in other resource-constrained countries and will bring scientific rigor to discussions with the [Government of Tanzania].”

Does your company specialize in management tasks such as:

  1. The design, implementation, and evaluation of selected identification, linkages, and treatment activities?

  2. Closely monitoring implementers’ performance against targets and suggesting mid-course corrections?

  3. Overseeing the overall strategic direction, relevance, coverage and quality of these activities?

If so, you can find out more at beta.sam.gov.

Don’t delay. The deadline for proposals is 10/14/2020.

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Photo by Ibrahim Boran on Unsplash


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Notice ID 72062120R00008, Curative Unit Lead (HIV & TB Treatment Advisor)


October 14, 2020

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