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Many of our clients are small businesses seeking to build relationships with new clients but do not have in-house proposal development support.

Two women sitting on window ledge of building. Differentiators and Discriminators

Differentiators and discriminators are vital components of a compelling proposal document. However, it’s easy to get them mixed up. Though they sound alike and serve similar functions, their impact is vastly different.

Man sitting at laptop with headphones on. Executive Summary.

Proposals based on bid documents will often have an outlined set of requirements for the executive summary. However, some bid opportunities will not have explicit instructions. In these cases, you must craft a compelling executive summary from scratch.

Man using Laptop sitting on large chair in sunlight. Client-Focused.

Your executive summary can make or break your proposal effort. Therefore, it is vital to craft a knockout, client-focused executive summary.

Coworkers writing notes down RFP Response

When working on a new RFP response, it can be challenging to determine what to prioritize and when. Luckily, we have heard from contracting officers and proposal reviewers to learn what we should focus on when writing a proposal.

Plant growing out of small flower pot that is filled with coins and change. Financial Services

As RFx professionals with clients in a wide variety of industries, we keep an eye out for new opportunities to drop. With a focus on medical services, these opportunities caught our attention.

Person holding Grilled Cheese cut in half. Responsiveness.

If compliance isn’t enough to generate a winning proposal by itself, how do we take our proposal to the next level? Pairing compliance with responsiveness creates a killer combination that will make your submission a true winner.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich on grill top. Compliance.

What does a grilled cheese have to do with proposals? Learn about the importance of compliance in proposal writing through a Request for Grilled Cheese (RFGC).

Person drowning in the sea with their hand above water. Professional proposal help.

Hiring proposal industry professionals can eliminate chaos and fuel growth. But how do you know when to seek professional proposal help?

Lady in black clothing holding white mug that says "like a boss." What do proposal consultants do?

Are you a small business owner struggling to grow your business? Or perhaps you work for a larger company drowning in RFPs and other solicitations. For either of these cases, proposal consultants can be your saving grace in helping you achieve 100% compliance and create a responsive, winning proposal.

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