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Once Upon an RFP Receives 2022 Best of Villa Park Award

Villa Park Award Program Honors the Achievement

VILLA PARK November 8, 2022 — Once Upon an RFP has been selected for the 2022 Best of Villa Park Award in the Consultant category by the Villa Park Award Program.

August 22, 2022, Once Upon an RFP turns four years old. Since 2018, we’ve blossomed from a one-woman operation to a rapidly growing team of proposal consultants, communications coordinators, marketing specialists, operations gurus, and program managers.

Brown brick wall. Small business toolkit

Small Business Toolkit (SMB Toolkit) is the one-stop-shop for businesses that work with Government and Big Corporate.

Designed for solopreneurs, SMB Toolkit will take you from chaos to done. We offer services ranging from anchoring established businesses to a complete overhaul for your brand and company.

chaos done letters scrabble jumbled on white background

Want to take your laundry list of to-dos from chaos to done? We offer comprehensive support for RFPs, proposal professional training, and business certifications.

Several people's hands placed together on wood table. Diverse Certifications

Why should small businesses invest in diverse certifications?

Multiple tools laying on ground. Tools for an RFP

Once your team establishes each person’s roles and responsibilities, you need to decide what tools the team will need to collaborate on the proposal.

Two women working in front of a huge window Responding to public sector RFPs

Building your business and stabilizing your revenue may seem like a daunting task. Responding to public sector RFPs offers you the chance to gain experience while leveraging your position as a small business.

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