What Is a Signature Proposal? 

The Signature Proposal: If you are a small business owner looking to grow your client portfolio, a Signature Proposal™ might be the best next step in your business process. But what is it?

Business owners use Signature Proposals similarly to a proactive proposal. However, rather than simply writing something new each time you want to propose a solution, a Signature Proposal outlines your company’s signature offerings that you can customize for each client and/or need accordingly.

What Do I Need to Write a Proactive Proposal? 

Generating a Signature Proposal early on in your business development process can help answer questions that you may not even know you had. 

Generally, we look for the following requirements before embarking on the SSP journey:

Company Mission and Values

We recommend that companies do not pursue a Signature Proposal until they define their company mission and values.

Ask yourself what…

… does my company represent beyond the services I offer? 
… purpose does my company serve beyond the services I offer?
… qualities does my company attribute value to? 

Business Goals and Vision

Outline where you see your company in one, five and 10 years. Consider what kind of impact you want your company to have on the industry and your clients. Then, use this to develop your mission and values.

Services Offered

More than anything, you must have a clear idea of which services you will offer. Also consider how many services you will offer. Remember, you have experience in the industry, but your client may not. Consequently, too many choices can leave them overwhelmed and confused. 

Instead, offer a range of services for your client to look over. Give the client choices to open the door to questions, customizations, or innovative ideas. In return, this allows you to discuss the client’s specific needs in relation to what you offer. 


Even if your costs are variable, it is important to give your clients an overview of your pricing. This may include packages you offer, individual versus group rates, or tiered services.

Are you unsure of what to charge? Perform some competitive analysis to get a sense of what other companies of your industry and size charge.

Brainstormed Branding

A logo and an idea of your color palette and preferred fonts is a great first step towards rounding out your full business story. Even if you haven’t fully fleshed out your ideas, knowing the elements you would like to include will help in creating your brand’s vision. 

Key Takeaways

Signature Proposals allow business owners to establish what they want to offer.  We also help them gain alignment around their branding, pricing, and solutions without the constraints of a typical proposal. A signature proposal frees entrepreneurs from the chains of compliance. As a result, business owners can express their mission and values without worrying about matching a client’s explicit needs (or an RFP’s). Thus, coupled with a solid sales process, a Signature Proposal is a valuable tool for introducing a business’ strengths and demonstrating all capabilities. 

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