Potatoes Wedges Oven Ready:
There’s an RFx for Everything 

We at Once Upon an RFP often like to joke that RFPs covertly run the world. They really are the best kept secret. Billions of taxpayer dollars filter through procurement processes and result in the exchange of goods and services.

The National Park Service can’t simply call a local a local contractor to perform grounds maintenance, the Department of Defense might have some difficulty rolling up to Home Depot to get military-grade O-rings, and the Department of Justice would have to buy an entire chain of grocery stores just to feed inmates. 

Our favorite solicitation document that we’ve ever come across was from the Department of Justice seeking small businesses capable of providing 1,300 thirty-pound boxes of frozen potato wedges. 

One of the most delightful components of the RFQ was the specificity. Not only did they want 1,300 thirty-pound boxes of frozen potato wedges, but this RFQ took things several steps further:

“Vegetable, Potatoes, Wedges, Frozen, Institutional type, will be 3/8 x 3/8,1/2 x 1/4, or 3/8 x 3/4 inch and be Extra Long, Long, or Medium (at least 50% or more are 2 inches or longer.”

Additionally, these wedges must be “OVENABLE,” “U.S. Grade A, U.S. Fancy or U.S. Grade B.,” and originate from “crops that have been 100 percent grown, processed, and packed in the United States or Canada.”

Who knew such a simple product could be so complex? 

Procurement is process-oriented, compliance-focused, and direct. If you ever want to know how your taxpayer money is being spent, check out your town or state’s recent bid solicitations. 

Interested in learning more about this RFQ and the awardee? Follow this link. 

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