Ask an RFP Pro:
Why Are Proposal Services So Expensive?

Dear RFP Pro, I really need help responding to RFP opportunities, but as a small business owner it’s hard to justify the price tag. Why are proposal writing services so expensive, and how can I maximize my small budget? Should I just hire a copy writer on Fiverr?

Signed, On a Budget

Dear On a Budget,

As a small business owner, you likely understand what it means to wear many hats and that your unique set of competencies are what drives clients towards your specific business. Proposal writing consultants are much the same.

The magic we work takes time, talent and tools. We’re really good at what we do precisely because of our experience in the field of writing proposals. And there’s a lot more to the process than meets the eye; otherwise, our clients wouldn’t need us.

In general, our process goes something like this:

  • Meet with clients to discuss opportunity.
  • Receive solicitation documents and go through each one to get a sense of how long the project will take.
  • Meet with clients to discuss expectations, budget, and responsibilities.
  • Create project plan based on client expectations and contributions.
  • Create templates, styles, and customized cover page.
  • Input preexisting content.
  • Write new content as needed.
  • Create graphics, callouts, and figures.
  • Perform compliance checks throughout the process.
  • Schedule regular cadence calls to track progress and address roadblocks or concerns.
  • Maintain version control.
  • Stay up-to-date on amendments or other changes to the opportunity.
  • Finalize documents using a combination of manual editing, editing software, and finalization software.
  • Save documents as required formats.
  • Collect and send final files for client approval.
  • Assist with submission if needed.

Now ask yourself – wouldn’t you rather hire someone else (who already knows how to do everything on this list) than deal with the aggravation of figuring it out yourself?

If you are concerned about cost, knowing what steps go into creating a proposal can help you plan and stay within budget. We’re here to help you with any or all steps in the proposal writing process – including figuring out which steps we should be responsible for and which steps your team can contribute in order to save money.

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