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Is Your Career Fragile or Agile?

"Agile is defined as “quick and well-coordinated in movement” and “marked by an ability to think quickly.” How, then, do we become agile in our careers and finances? We can expand our options by exploring what it takes to become a consultant using the skills we have mastered in proposal management."

“Why Consultancy?

Many organizations may not fully understand what a bid and proposal professional does — or that they even exist — which makes you a subject-matter expert and a well-kept secret with a unique value proposition.

These organizations may struggle to respond to RFPs and manage vendor registrations, certifications, proposal libraries and content libraries, not to mention capture strategies and internal compliance. The need is there, so why not explore the possibilities?”

“Becoming a consultant may not be easy, but it might make all the difference when you need additional resources. Whether you are consulting to make ends meet, earn income between full-time jobs or looking for a new way to make a difference doing the work you love, knowing how to consult gives you control over your career as well as financial stability.”

Check out Caryn’s article on Winning the Business here: Is Your Career Fragile or Agile? Creating Career Agility Through Consulting

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