International Development

Picture taken in Maputo Mozambique of some locals on a street. Agency for international development.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is seeking proposals from construction companies capable of providing various construction and renovation services for infrastructure projects.

Stack of books on a desk. Agency for International Development.

The USAID program for Advancing Girls Education (AGE) will help widespread school reform in Mozambique. Some of the challenges girls currently face are inequitable gender norms, sexual violence in and around schools, no access to water, and the lack of school council buy-in.

Multiple medical tubes and syringes in a lab. Agency for International Development.

From the RFP: “The USAID/Tanzania Curative Unit Lead will carry out the function of HIV and TB Treatment Advisor. Under this role, the HIV and TB Treatment Advisor will be a leading technical expert in curative services delivery for people living with HIV and Tuberculosis.”

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