Case Study: RFP Support & Consulting for Consulting & Contracting LLC 

Once Upon An RFP provided RFP Support & Consulting for a Consulting & Contracting LLC on November 2022 for RFP#. 30-2223013 – ApprenticeNC Equity Outreach.

Company Overview:

Our client is a black-owned woman-owned small business, headquartered in South Carolina. They have built their business based on a commitment to building value for our clients. The client’s proposed methodology incorporates the standards, ethics, insights and preferred practices that enable us to provide the essential services you seek; define and develop measurable outcomes; lead and collaborate with stakeholders on innovative and effective solutions.

Proposed Project Overview:

ApprenticeshipNC has worked collectively with a variety of partners and leveraged equity initiatives statewide and within the private sector to identify industry sectors with high turnover rates, importance to the state’s economy, and focus on occupations with the greatest potential to meet most, if not all, of the Apprenticeship Building America grant program’s Cross-Cutting Principles: Equity, Job Quality, Support for High-Quality, Sustainable Programs, Evidence-Based Approaches, New Opportunities for Innovation, Engagement, and Ease of Access. Evaluating current participants served, ApprenticeshipNC identified a significant gap in the number and percent of Hispanic/Latino apprentices in North Carolina. While the Hispanic/Latino ethnic group makes up 11% of North Carolina’s population and 13% of North Carolina’s community college enrollment, they represent only six percent (6%) of registered apprentices.  

The intent of this solicitation is to award an Agency Contract for services to support equity outreach to minority-serving institutions, including the planned partnership with one or more Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in North Carolina. 


  • The OUanRFP Team reviewed all RFP documents and our client’s collateral. 
  • The OUanRFP Team created a kickoff meeting with the Owner and Lead Strategist. 
  • The OUanRFP Team created a project plan, project schedule, and proposal draft to work with our client to develop a Proposal for RFP#. 30-2223013 – ApprenticeNC Equity Outreach 
  • The proposal draft was developed to meet all requirements of the RFP. 
  • Proposal assets such as graphics, narratives, and solutions were created by interviewing our client on her business and her solution for the proposed project. 
  • Final versions of the Proposal were reviewed by our client and the OUanRFP Team helped to submit the proposal via The State of North Carolina submission portal via Ariba. 


The OUanRFP Team successfully submitted the proposal on 11/23/2022 via The State of North Carolina submission portal via Ariba.  

The client was awarded the contract by North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS) in November 2022.

Challenges and Lessons Learned:

The client, although experts in their field, didn’t have much experience in the Proposal Development Process. The OUanRFP Team helped to thoroughly explain the proposal process step by step and defined and provided understanding to areas of the proposal that were of difficulty to the client’s team.

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