Top 5 Benefits of Hiring Proposal Experts 

Many of our clients have experience responding to RFPs internally. They have been successful in their proposal efforts thus far and are initially hesitant to enlist professional proposal support. However, writing proposals can be time-consuming and overwhelming, especially when balanced with day-to-day responsibilities. We save our clients time and energy so that they can focus exclusively on what they love to do instead of being bogged down by proposals. But, besides giving clients some breathing room, there are several additional benefits to leveraging professional proposal support.

#1 Existing Processes

The Once Upon an RFP team has responded to hundreds of proposals, big and small. Our clients come from all industries, and each pursuit requires a unique game plan and execution. We take our wins and lessons learned from each opportunity and use this knowledge to bolster our processes, bringing invaluable insight and experience to every client. As a dedicated proposal support consultancy, we can access internal checklists based on previous bid efforts and best practices. We’ve developed standardized steps for responding to all kinds of bid documents, public and private sectors alike, so we’re never flying blind, no matter what the opportunity entails. 

#2 Checks and Balances

Our strength comes from the talented individuals on the Once Upon an RFP team. We have a close-knit and collaborative team working in unison to bring clients the best service and help them win business. Plus, team members are always ready to step in as peer reviewers, compliance checkers, proposal support, or interim support in case of a teammate’s absence. 

Our internal team meets weekly to confidentially discuss current projects and brainstorm whether ongoing projects might need additional support. The in-house proposal program managers ensure each effort has adequate coverage and assess project risk throughout. This series of safety nets paves the way for a smooth end-to-end experience for our clients.  

#3 Proven Strategies

We love to brag about how awesome our people are. The Once Upon an RFP team is a diverse group with varied backgrounds and specialties. Decades of collective experience across various industries have inspired a robust library of proven strategies, methods, and resources for writing winning proposals. 

When a client is new to an industry or sector, we’re here to educate, guide, and support with a transparent and empathetic approach. We provide clients with the tools and assistance required to approach every bid opportunity with excitement and confidently grow their businesses. 

#4 Access to Tools

Alongside our fantastic team, internal resources, and comprehensive experience, we have access to tools and technology that expedite and enhance bid opportunities. We leverage editing and proofreading software to produce tight writing and streamline the lengthy finalization process. Internally, we’ve invested time in developing a robust proposal project resources library full of templates, styles, checklists, and plans ready for adaptation. 

As a company, we’re always learning and improving—this means we’re constantly on the lookout for unique solutions to common problems and methods of bolstering productivity while ensuring 100% compliance and 100% on-time delivery. This includes learning to implement Artificial Intelligence and other new or upcoming software to create more efficient best practices and improve client win rates. 

#5 We Love What We Do

Unsurprisingly, we come across many professionals who’d go so far as to say they hate RFPs and the complexities that come with them. No matter the industry or sector, bid documents are long, unwieldy, and uninspiring—so much so that they’re often written off as a waste of time! 

But never fear; the RFP nerds are here! Call us crazy, but we love RFPs. We’re a team of passionate professionals who enjoy reading through documents, writing content, filling out forms, checking compliance, and proofreading copy. No project is too daunting for a team of proposal-obsessed people armed with valuable knowledge, tools, experience, and passion. 

Once Upon an RFP was born out of the love of taking our clients from chaos to done. Reach out today to let us help you achieve proposal harmony and grow your business. 

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