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NASA is looking to purchase personal wearable monitors. The goal of the purchase is to proactively monitor for potentially pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic individuals who might be unknowingly spreading the virus.

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RFPs can be long, uninteresting, and less than user-friendly documents. It is so easy just to skim the RFP, only looking at the deadline and RFP title and falling into a state of complete overwhelm.

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Most Corporate Sector work comes from marketing, networking, and building relationships. Generally, companies will invite a select group of companies, typically those with which they’ve already worked.

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Does your organization have a Proposal Content Library?

If so, does it have the information that you need when you need it?

Is it formatted consistently to play nicely with and flow into your templates?

Do you have a team that nurtures it?

Does it reflect how amazing your organization is?

Does it help you win business?

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Transform Your Proposal Story: My husband and I have a great proposal story, but that’s not the kind of proposal stories I’m referring to. Every business proposal and RFP response has a variety of perspectives. Proposals have multiple stories, each colored by the lens of perspective. So who are the characters in proposal stories? What are their

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Toy Car on bookshelf What is an RFP

RFP is the acronym for Request for Proposal. You might also see the acronyms RFI, RFQ, or RFB. The “I” stands for Information and is frequently a predecessor to an RFP. The “Q” stands for quote and the “B” stands for bid. Some organizations use the acronym ITB, or Invitation to Bid.

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